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At Red Hill Primary School, we are passionate about English. We promote a love of reading, writing and drama, as well as equipping children with the phonetical, comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation skills needed to be adept and fluent readers and writers.


In the early stages of school, reading is taught primarily through phonics, using the programme ‘Letters and Sounds’. This is supported by regular guided reading sessions where children enjoy and discuss books in a group, as well as regular home reading.

Once fluent, in Key Stage 2, pupils learn more about the comprehension and analytical aspects of reading, with continued guided reading sessions, as well as whole class book focuses during the English sessions.

We have many exciting reading events throughout the year, for example trips to the local library and dressing up for World Book Day.


Writing is built up across the week leading to our 'Big Write' on a Friday. This is an extended writing sessions where the children can apply the skills they have been learning across the week. This is supported by weekly grammar and punctuation lessons on ‘skills Monday’ and daily spelling teaching.


We believe that drama can be an enjoyable and effective way into literacy and are currently partaking in some ‘Drama for Writing’ units across the school. Learning in English often leads to exciting performances.

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