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Welcome to Reception.

Our Reception team is:

RER - Miss Robinson and Mrs Budden

RLM - Miss Mills and Mrs Denyer

RCM - Miss Moroney and Mrs King

Year R ISA - Mrs Young


Our topic in Reception for this half term is ‘All About Me’.  This will include learning  about how different things move and learning about pushes and pulls. We are also going to think about where we have been on holiday and how we got to our destination.  We are going to visit Red Hill Library and hear stories with a transport theme. 

Transition to Year 1 will also play an important part this term.

Our classrooms and corridor have been decorated to reflect this new topic, and the colourful displays proudly highlight the children’s learning.  

Please find below a copy of our topic web which details what we will be learning.

Aims of the Foundation Stage

  • That each child should be provided with the opportunities, skills and environment that enables them to develop into active, confident and independent learners. 
  • To foster an effective partnership between home and school. 
  • To maintain a safe but challenging environment in which each child can be helped to develop to his/her full potential. 
  • To develop social, moral, cultural and spiritual awareness in our children. 
  • To foster in the children a belief in their own worth and enable each child to become increasingly confident, independent and able to make their own considered choices. 
  • To ensure that each child regardless of gender, race, culture or ability, is given an equal opportunity to develop to his/her full potential. 
  • That there is continuity between Reception classes and Key Stage One and effective liaison to support this transition. 
  • To develop a positive approach to the acquisition of new skills that will provide a firm foundation for future learning. 


Supporting your child at home


Please read with your child at least three times a week.  We will change the reading book three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) providing the reading record has been signed off by an adult. The reading record should be returned in your child’s book bag every day, regardless of whether your child has read or not.  This is so we can record any comments that we may have when reading with your child at school.   It will also tell you what we have been focussing on and how you can support your child in the next steps in their learning.



You have been given a phonics sound book, which has all of the sounds we will be learning, along with how this sound is pronounced and the action which represents it. 

To help your child, please practice the sounds and actions and help them to hear these sounds in words. 

You can use the phonics book to record your findings by sticking in pictures of objects containing each sound, using your phonics to write the words, drawing pictures of objects containing the sounds, practice forming and writing the letter, or a combination of all of these!  We will not be collecting them in; it is an opportunity for you to practise at home, however, if your child would like to share their learning with us that would of course be fantastic.


Settling in

If you have any questions about the school or would like to discuss how your child is settling in, please approach us at the end of the school day and we will be happy to arrange a time to speak to you.


Children must have their PE kits at school every day.  Please ensure that every item of PE kit and school uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name.  

PE days have now been confirmed.

RLM will have PE on Friday

RCM will have PE on Wednesday

RER will have PE on Thursday

Continuous Provision/ Free-flow

In Reception, our learning revolves around play and children will be given the opportunity to explore and investigate learning with independence.  As part of our continuous provision, the children are given set times throughout the day where they can independently choose which areas they would like to learn in: both classrooms and outdoor learning environment.  Continuous provision enables children to explore recent learning, practice new skills, and follow their own interests in a variety of different hands-on and practical ways.


The children use lots of junk modelling and arts and craft materials.  We would welcome donations of items such as pasta, lentils, sequins and buttons.  If you have any school clothing or fancy dress clothing that your children no longer use, this would also be welcome.

Trip to Leeds Castle

Year R will be visiting Leeds Castle this year. Information will be sent to you nearer the time.

Jolly Phonics

  • At Red Hill Primary School as well as following ‘Letters and Sounds’ we use the Jolly Phonics scheme to help teach the children their sounds. In the Jolly Phonics scheme, the 42 main sounds of English are taught, not just the alphabet sounds. For each sound, there is an action that helps the children remember the sound the letter makes. 
  • The letters are taught in a specific order. It would be helpful if the sounds were reinforced at home through singing the action rhymes and playing phonic related games e.g. I spy. Learning letter sounds is essential in helping your child develop reading skills. Letter names are important however it is more useful to teach letter sounds initially to aid reading skills. We will hold a meeting on Jolly Phonics for parents in September and January.


Visit to Leeds Castle - 15th May

RM and RLP had an amazing day at Leeds Castle today. We enjoyed retelling the story of the Swan Princess and loved getting dressed up in our costumes. We loved eating our packed lunches and had fun exploring the things we had to eat. After lunch our guides Heather and Marilyn showed us around the castle and told us lots of interesting facts. We were really excited about the moat and all the beautiful swans that were swimming on it. 

Leeds Castle - 16th May

RW and RLP had a wonderful day out at Leeds Castle. The weather could not have been more different with beautiful sunshine! Today Heather and Leanne were our fabulous guides and told us so much information about the castle and all the people who lived there. We were very excited to hear that Henry VIII did not like to eat vegetables and we really enjoyed pretending to be as fat as him. We loved telling the story of the Swan Princess. See if we can remember which part we played. We are very grateful to all the parents who came to help us on the trip. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Easter Hat Parade

We loved the Easter hat parade. We all wore our hats with pride. What do you think of our hats? Can you see what we have used to make our hats?

Visit to the Library

This week we went to visit Red Hill library. We were read some amazing stories by Pat and Doreen. We loved the story Jack and the Jelly Bean Stalk because it made us laugh. We impressed Pat and Doreen by telling them our version of Jack and the Beanstalk. 


Our topic this term is All About Me

Please find our topic web and letter below which outlines what your child will be learning this half term


In Reception we send homework home every fortnight. Homework usually involves a project to complete at home. All homework will appear on this page.

Wow moments!

We are really excited to know what has made you say wow about your child recently. As a result we have sent home a copy of our wow card. Please can you complete it and send it back to school so we can all celebrate your child's successes. Please send in a wow card as often as you like.

Examples we have received so far...

  • My child learnt to ride their bike without stabilizers
  • My child wowed me with their reading!
  • My child swam a length for the very first time.
  • As we left for school my child told me it was 8 o'clock.

Rise and Shine - Easter Assembly

Reception loved singing and dancing in our Easter perfromance. We worked reallly hard learning all the songs and all our words. We loved dressing up in our costumes. Can you guess what we were? Thank you so much to our parents for coming to watch us. We hope you enjoyed our acting.  If you have any photographs from the production please do email them to the school.

A Miracle in Town - Christmas Production

Reception really enjoyed performing a Miracle in Town to our parents.

Forest Schools

Last term Year R took part in Forest schools. We  had the opportunity to explore our Forest School classroom. It was lots of fun. We learnt lots of new skills. We made shelters and enjoued searching for mini-beasts. We really enjoyed working as a class and helping each other.

World Book Day - 2nd March 2017

Year R really enjoyed World Book Day. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters. We all read our favourite books and told each other stories.

We designed a pancake for our favourite book character.

A typical day

Our day is always very busy and we do different activities every day but an example of a day would be. 

8.35 - 8.50 am - Table top activities

Please note the Reception gates will be closed at 8:45am.

8:50am - Register

8.55 - 9.20 am -Teaching focus e.g. Reading, Writing or Number

9.20 - 10.30 am - Focused learning activity

Continuous learning to reinforce previously taught skills                                                   

10.30 - 10.40am – Fruit and milk

10.40 – 11am - Teaching focus e.g. Reading, Writing or Number

11 -11.45 am - Focused learning activity

Continuous learning to reinforce previously taught skills                                                   

11.50 am - 1 pm - Lunch

1pm -1:30pm – Phonics

1:30-2:30pm - Focused learning activity

Continuous learning to reinforce previously taught skills                                                   

2.30 pm - 3pm   Story time

3pm – Home time


In addition the children have regular ICT and PE sessions timetabled during the week.


Learning in Reception

Please don’t expect too much of me 
I’m learning more than you can see 
Being here simply to enjoy and play 
means more to me than I can say 
Please don’t fret at the end of the day 
If I have nothing to display 
I really gain so much from play 
Social skills and come what may.. 
So when I come home empty handed 
From such a very busy play 
Please don’t say 
Haven’t you done anything today?

This week's learning - 11th September 2017

We all enjoyed staying for lunch for the first time this week. It was so exciting to make our lunch choice and we loved the delicious food.

We all shared books and talked about our favourite part of the story. In Maths we practised counting to 10 and writing our numbers correctly.

We have been learning about our class rules and where to put everything away in our classroom.