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Year 1 Home Learning

Hi Year 1.

Below you will find lots of different learning opportunities for you to try.  Aim for a little each day, keep it varied and keep it fun.  Remember that there is no right or wrong amount to complete (there is no expectation), it is what you feel comfortable and confident doing.  Pick and choose the parts you wish to complete.  We have tried to give you a range of activities.  Above all, we want the children to feel safe and secure.  We will pick up full-time learning when we get back to school.  Remember that everyone is coping differently during this time and so what ever it is that you do, or don't manage to do is okay with all of your teachers.  We are all incredibly proud of every single one of you for keeping safe during this difficult time. 

We can't wait to hear all about what activities you have chosen to complete.  Remember that you can share your learning on our Twitter Feed: @RedHillTPA

Current Project

Here you will find Year 1's curent set project.  A new project will be added every two weeks for you to complete at your leisure.  Some of you will be able to complete projects, some of you may just do a small amount towards it, some of you may find it hard some weeks to do any work due to family commitments.  There is no deadline for this project, get done what you can, when you can, if you can!  After two weeks, it wil be placed below in past projects and challenges so that you can still access it if you want to continue with it.

Past Projects and Challenges

Below are a selection of different ongoing projects and challenges that were set in previous weeks (if you would like to go back to any of them) of which differ from the home learning tasks that you can engage with as and when you feel like it.  The hope for these projects and challenges is that you keep your brain busy and keep learning. 

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