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The Red Hill Maze

Welcome to The Red Hill Maze.

This home learning for Year 6 is based around different subject areas, where each fortnight they will be set a project focused around one particular subject. Once the children have completed a project they will be one step closer to earning themselves their very own Red Hill Star when they return to school. For the children to earn this star, they must complete all four of the fortnightly released projects.

Remember, there is not a time limit for each project to be completed, some of you might want to take longer on these - especially if you enjoy that subject area. 

Please send in your photos to our school twitter account: @RedHillTPA or to the year group email: year6@redhill.bromley.sch.uk

We cannot wait to see your wonderful creative creations.


Introduction to your Challenge

Red Hill Maze Part 1.mp4

Meet your Game show Host

Red Hill Maze Part 2.mp4

Week 1: Geography

Wall of Fame

It has been so wonderful to see so many of you send in some of your amazing and creative research projects around lots of individual countries. We are all so proud of the effort and commitment that you are putting into your home learning.

As you can see below, some children have made it into our 'Wall of Fame' as they have been sharing with us their work from home. 

Can you get your work up here?

Most importantly, I hope you are all safe and carry on being the wonderful children that you all are. Year 6 miss you all!

Week beginning 27th April: Topic


Please find the topic work below that us teachers have put together for you. Make sure you are only doing what is managable for you and your family. Please do not stress and take your time when completing the project. Remember, these are meant to be fun projects, so enjoy! smiley

Wall of Fame

We are lost for words this week. We are so amazed by the amount of responses we are getting and the amount of work you are all sending in. We are all so proud of each and everyone of you. Everytime we recieve a piece of work, it reminds us how delightful you all have been to teach this year. We miss you all and the team cannot wait to see you all again.

Week beginning 18th May: Environment

Welcome to your third project. We are so proud of you all. Good luck and we hope you enjoy it!

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