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Educate & Celebrate with Rainbow Week

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We are excited to be preparing for our upcoming RAINBOW WEEK which will take place during the week of 21st June 2021.

Staff will be using stories from the PRIDE book collections to support their teaching and learning throughout the week. Children will have the opportunity to learn about what makes themselves and others unique, how different families are made up and most importantly of all to understand and respect that we all have the right to live, love and express ourselves freely without fear of being discriminated against.

Children will review our school code of conduct which states that:

All work completed throughout the week will go towards achieving our BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD awards in Educate and Celebrate which evidences that we are an inclusive school that teaches our children about diversity in order to develop their own sense of self and build a generation of accepting, respectful, kind and compassionate young people ready to flourish in our ever changing world. 


You will shortly receive more information about our upcoming RAINBOW WEEK so please do keep an eye on your email inboxes, Class Dojo, Twitter and the school website. 

Be sure to check back here after the event to see lots of wonderful photographs and examples of work! 

Stories that support diversity and inclusion

There are many lovely stories available which are appropriate for young people that help them begin to understand the differences between themselves and others and cover a range of themes such as race, religion, family make up, gender and disabilities. 

Below you will find a PDF list of stories and a few video stories which are aimed at educating young people about diversity and inclusion.

The Family Book by Todd Parr

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love

It's Ok to be Different by Todd Parr

The Girls by Lauren Ace

Support For Parents and Young People

It can often be difficult for young people to express their identity and to feel accepted by their community, family and peers. If you or somebody you know needs support or advice about gender identity then you'll find a list of websites below that may be of use. 





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