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Modern Foreign Languages

‘A different language is a different vision of life’ – Federico Fellini

As part of The Crescent's ethos of providing inspiring lessons to our children, we offer French lessons which are in line with the current National Curriculum.  Children have the opportunity to learn about France and French cultures, particularly on 14th July – Bastille Day!  Children are able to build upon their personal goals of communication and cooperation by practising their skills through exciting role play and French dialogue.


  • To develop the ability to speak in a Modern Foreign Language.
  • To gain confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing in a foreign language.
  • To learn about the cultural aspects of France and other countries where the target language is spoken.

Children learn French from Year 3 onwards until they leave school in Year 6.  We aim to give children an insight into language learning and different cultures through language lessons and culture days. Children are given the opportunity to listen to songs, stories and French native speakers.  Through the use of flashcards, games and other activities children are able to experience talking in French which will enhance their knowledge and understanding of French vocabulary.

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