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Extra Curricular Clubs

Below you will find a copy of our club timetable for Autumn 2022.  This shows the days, times and costs of the clubs on offer.  Individual club information is shown below. 


Saisei Ronnie is running Karate on a Monday and Thursday after school for Years 1 to 6.


Francoise runs a French club on Monday after school for Years 4 to 6 and on Wednesdays for Years 1 to 3.  See timetable for contact, dates and fee information.

Dance: Nicole's Dance

Nicole runs a dance club on Tuesday mornings, before school, for Years 3 and 4, on Wednesday mornings for Years Reception, 1 and 2 and on Thursday mornings for Years 5 and 6.

Dance: Dance Buzz

Dance buzz is held on a Friday, after school for Years 1 to 6.  See timetable above for contact, dates and fee information.

David and Pippa are fully qualified and experienced in dance and drama.  Book your place now on: https://bookwhen.com/studiochislehurstevents/e/ev-20220909151500

Nutritional Ninjas

Unfortunately, Nutritional Ninjas has had to be unavoidably cancelled for the foreseeable future. 


Unique Football Club offers football for Years Reception, 1 and 2 on Tuesdays after school and for Years 3 to 6 on Thursdays after school.

Art Club

Art club is held each Tuesday, after school, for Years 5 and 6.


Bfree offer multiskills for Reception, Year 1 and 2 on Wednesdays after school.


CCF Chess Club offer Years 2 to 6 lunchtime chess club each Thursday.

Little Gymnastics

Sam is in each Friday morning, before school, for Years 1 to 6.  More information on contact, dates and fees are on the timetable above.


Bfree offer an athletics club on Fridays, after school, for Years 3 to 6.


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