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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's webpage. On this page you will find out information regarding what we are learning, snap shots of us at work and information about our curriculum.

Our Year 4 team is:

Class 4B - Miss E Buckley

Class 4A - Miss A Ali

Class 4AA - Miss A Alpha

Class 4W - Miss M Wooldridge

Our Teaching Assistant that supports our year group is Miss M Smoothy

4M and 4J's Science lessons

We have been exploring sound and how what we hear is effected by distance.  From recording sounds we could here from the environment around us and measuring how loud a drum sounded at different distances, we concluded that the further away a sound is, the quieter it is.

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Our topic 'Active Planet' and Roman Day

At the start of our topic ‘Active Planet’ we turned the Year 4 block into a Disaster Relief Centre. The children had to create signs for the public so they knew where to go, a first aid area for the injured as well as catering for those who were hungry. The children had a fantastic day learning what it might be like in the aftermath of an earthquake.

In addition, the children learnt about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius during the ancient Roman times. They had visitors come into school to help bring the learning to life. As well as dressing as Romans, they made jewellery, ate Roman food and learned about Roman medicine. They loved how disgusting it was!

Year 4 Curriculum and Newsletters

The children in Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to meet the fantastic author Jeremy Strong this week. He was very funny and entertaining and gave us all some tips on how to write our own stories.  He also answered lots of our questions!

Here are some of 4J getting their books signed, it was a great experience.

Oxford Meeting - Presentation November 2017

Below you can find the power point presentation shown in the Oxford meeting.

Year 4 Roman Day

Children in year 4 enjoyed meeting our visitors 'The Sunjesters' who told them about Ancient Rome. The children were fascinated learning about Roman medicine. It was gruesome! They also tasted some food that Romans may have eaten, some was more tasty than others.

Science Lessons!

Volcanoes Erupting! - In Science, the children have been learning through the topic 'Active Planet'. They have been finding out about rock types and tectonic plates which cause volcanoes to erupt. They made their own volcanoes from clay and then used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make them erupt.


Class 4J

4J went out on a chilly November afternoon to practise their ball skills. Despite the cold, they enjoyed working together to develop their throwing and catching, working in pairs showing excellent co-operation.

Year Explorers and Adventurers

Year 4 enjoyed their hook day for the new topic 'Explorers and Adventurers'. They made their own flags, worked in explorer teams, used a compass to look north and followed a map to find tasks they had to complete. The children even used the ipads and took photos of themselves reaching the end of their voyage!

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