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Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA)

Our Junior Travel Ambassador team play a very important role within the school.  Three representatives are appointed at the start of Year 5 and work under the guidance of Mrs Fuller and in conjunction with the London Borough of Bromley.

They start the year by attending the London Borough of Bromley training days with children from other schools performing the same role. This gives the children guidance and sets the expectation of what is required of them.

JTA 's encourage peer-to-peer engagement to promote safer, active and independent travel within the school community in a fun and engaging way.

An important part of a JTAs’ work is to promote independent travel to Year 6 pupils and their parents as they prepare to start secondary school; in many cases travelling independently for the first time.

They take responsibility for assisting in promoting surveys for how children travel to school, raise awareness regarding Road Safety, promote travel methods other than car where possible; assist with judging competitions relating to Road Safety, as well as many other tasks

Our current representatives are:

Isabella Thornton - Class 5K

Brandon Clark - Class 5L

Michael Ansong -  Class 5S

Our thanks go to Louise, Harry and Toby who last year helped to organise many events in school this year including;-

  • A competition to advertise our "No Parking" banner outside our school gates.
  • Helped launch our "Walk to School Surveys", judge the competition and award prizes.
  • Working to promote the "Design a Cycle Jersey" competition.

We would be very grateful if parents could complete the Red Hill Parent Travel Survey 2016 (click on link below), which will help us and the Borough collate the way the children travel to school, along with your chance to air any problems or dangers with roads and crossings on your route to school.


Red Hill Stars


Smart and tidy

Try our best -education matters

Always make the right choices - behave well

Respect each other and the environment

Simply care and share

We have a simple, positive behaviour code at Red Hill. Our School Council helped to come up with the idea of Red Hill Stars and each half term children from each class are chosen to be awarded a Red Hill Star.

Each year group has a different colour star. Our Year 6 children are able to gain a replica of our Red Hill Badge that plays a very important part in our school community.

Children have to demonstrate that they have followed the "Red Hill Stars" and they are very proud to wear their Star and Red Hill badges.

School Council

Each class have elected two members to represent their class on the school council. who meet with the Head Teacher monthly to share their views about the school.


We have also elected a Head Boy and Head Girl through a whole school election. Our current Head Boy and Girl is Shayaan and Fleur.

House Points

At Red Hill, children are allocated to one of four houses - blue, green, yellow, red - when they join the school. This is to foster a healthy team spirit throughout the school for events such as Sports Day and the Spring Cup. Children are also awarded house points for good effort or kind or helpful acts and these are collected by house colour across the school. Every week the house with the most points across the school has its mascot displayed. The team with the most house points at the end of the year is awarded a shield.

Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to choose a Year 6 boy and a Year 6 girl from their house to be their House Captain. The Captains then represent the house to collect trophies at Sports Day and in assemblies.

Red Hill Times

We are very proud to publish our Red Hill newspaper, The Red Hill Times each term.

Each year group publishes a page and children are encouraged to write about an outing, or publish a poem, for example.