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Staff List 2016/17

Classes & Teachers


Mrs E Pape (Head of Year)/Mrs H Lucas

Miss L Mills

Miss A Woolven

Year 1

Miss N Trayers (Head of Year)

Ms. P Leadbeater

Mrs T Hogan

Mrs L Balaj

Year 2

Mrs A Day (Head of Year)

Mrs E Crane

Miss K Melvin

Year 3

Miss L Rivett (Head of Year)

Miss H Bennett

Miss J Turner/Miss K Auborn

Mrs M Martinez

Year 4

Mrs R James (Head of Year)

Miss K Long

Miss G Monk

Mrs A Wright/Miss A Shepherd

Year 5

Mr J Looker (Head of Year)

Mr H Clark

Mr J Polidoro

Miss K Stephens

Year 6

Miss L Pepper (Head of Year)

Mrs A Bulleyment ( Maternity leave) Miss S Benson covering class.

Miss H Winch

Miss R Turner/ Mrs J Allen

Music Teacher Mrs J McGarry
PE Teacher Mr L Kimberley
ICT Teacher Miss S Miah
Teacher - PPA Cover Miss K Auborn
Teacher - PPA Cover Mrs N Mubarak
Forest Schools Mrs S Edwards
PPA Cover HLTA Mrs L Baker
PPA Cover HLTA Mrs S Gunby
Interventions Teacher Mrs C Cawker
Family Worker Miss S Crane
Learning Mentor Mrs S Davis
Teacher on Maternity Leave

Mrs A Ozgu

Inclusion Leaders

Mrs L Ali (Key Stage 1)

Miss N Hamlin (Key Stage 2)

Inclusion Assistant Mrs J Williams

Support Staff


Miss L Dwyer

Mrs D Budden

Mrs G King

Year 1

Mrs G Bussy

Ms. A Choudhury

Mrs D Crispino

Year 2

Mrs A Dhother

Mrs L Kinchin

Mrs A King

Year 3

Mrs N Buckland

Mrs A Woolven

Year 4 Mrs M Smoothy
Year 5 Mrs J Fuller
Year 6 Mrs K Pocock
Individual Support Assistants

Mrs H Brown

Mrs N Cork

Mrs G Denyer

Mrs S Farmer

Mrs C Girolamo (Maternity Leave)

Mrs J Francis

Mrs S Greig

Mrs T Hunt

Mrs G Reynolds

Mrs V Toomey

Mrs B Weatherdon

Mrs T Westwood

Mrs D Winter

Mrs L Young

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Play Leader Mrs S Davis
Breakfast Club Play Leader Mrs K Pocock
Breakfast Club Play Leader Mrs J Fuller/ Mrs B Weatherdon

Office Support Staff

School Business Manager Mrs D Bevan
Finance Manager Mrs L Mason
Administration Officer Miss K Royal
School Office Administrator Mrs L Cameron
Apprentice- School Office Administrator Miss S Lee

Lunchtime Supervisors

Senior Supervisor Mrs J Francis

Mrs J Batchelor

Mrs S Blackwell

Mrs L Brown

Mrs C Witt

Mrs G Harknett

Miss K Cooper

Mrs N Cork

Mrs T Creasey

Mrs L Elkins

Mrs S Goulding

Mrs R Kalam

Mrs L Lloyd

Mrs A Reape

Mrs G Reynolds

Miss D Bennett

Mrs B Weatherdon

Mrs L Young

Mrs H Brown

Mrs D Hennah

Site Staff and Cleaning staff


Mr C Anthony

Mr J Gardner


Mrs G Adgie

Mr M Blackwell

Mrs L Brown

Mrs S Goulding

Mrs C O'Grady

Mr A Small

Miss N Strachan

Mrs M Ogundare

Mrs L Lloyd