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Who's Who

Staff List 2022/23

Head Teacher - Mrs N Crockatt

Head of School - Mrs B McManus

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs E Nolan 

Deputy Head Teacher - Mr M Ferguson

SENCO - Miss V Benbow

Classes & Teachers


Mrs L Balaj (Year group leader)

Mrs J Mitson/Mrs K Sharpe

Miss E Castelino

Year 1

Miss K Joseph (Year group leader)

Miss C Voda

Miss M Millbank

Year 2

Miss M Wooldridge (Year group leader)

Miss M Morris

Miss E Laverick

Year 3

Ms A Wright (Year group leader)

Mr N Bull 

Miss Z Solyali

Miss A Alpha

Year 4

Mr T Sargent (Year group leader)

Miss C Ansley

Mr J Pillow

Year 5

Mrs L Clark (Year group leader)/Mr M Ferguson

Mr E Knight

Miss A Pearn

Miss A Moss

Year 6

Miss K Long (Year group leader)

Miss K Melvin

Miss A Argent

Mrs F Marshall

Forest School/Outdoor Learning Teacher Miss A Shephard
PE Teacher Mr T Fricker
Music Teacher Mrs E Hurst
Computing Teacher Mr J Gladman
PPA Teacher Mrs L Clarke
Reading and phonic intervention teacher Mrs L O'Shea
Family Support Worker Mrs E Kember
Maternity Leave Ms A Choudhury

Support Staff - Lead TA - Mrs Karen Pocock


Mrs T O'Neill

Mrs D Budden/Mrs K Galloway

Ms L Young

Year 1

Mrs G King

Miss E Murphy

Miss Osbourne

Year 2

Mrs F Dwyer

Miss J Simmonds

Ms L Mihailova

Year 3 Miss E Harwood
Year 4

Miss D Young

Year 5

Mrs M Smoothy

Year 6

Mrs J Fuller

The Nest Miss S Robotham,  Mrs E Moore
SEND Teaching Assistants

Miss J Gibbons

Miss H Newman-Knibbs

Miss Z Littlechild

M V Balaj

Miss K Miles

Mrs S Bishop

Miss S Greig

Mrs C Kimber

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Play Leader Miss S Black
Breakfast Club Play Assistant

Ms L Young 

Breakfast Club Play Assistant

Miss J Simmonds

Breakfast Club Play Assistant Mrs G King 

After School Club

After School Play Leader Miss S Black
After School Play Assistant Mr M Anstey
After School Play Assistant Miss K Beevor

After School Play Deputy Leader

Ms D Gibney
After School Play Assistant

Miss S Robotham

Office Support Staff

School Business Manager/Finance Manager Mrs L Mason
Admissions and HR Mrs J Costard
School Finance Officer Mrs H Mansell

School Office Administrators and Attendance Officers


Mrs A King

Miss J SImmons

Lunchtime Supervisors




Mrs L Brown

Mrs G Harknett

Mrs T Creasey

Mrs S Goulding

Mrs R Kalam

Mrs B Weatherdon

Mrs L Young

Miss L Osbourne

Mrs R Quigley

Miss J Meechan

Miss H Armstrong

Site Staff and Cleaning staff

Site Manager

 Mr A Marinov


Mr G Cookman


Outside contractor - AIM

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