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Our Vision and Mantra

Red Hill Primary School's Vision

Everyone at Red Hill Primary School is committed to providing the building blocks for every child to flourish in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We offer a creative curriculum, enriched with opportunities to enable our pupils to understand the world around them and be responsible citizens.  Through developing their resilience, independence and confidence, our pupils see learning as a way to realise their full potential.   

Safe - Happy - Learning

Educational Principles

The following principles, laid out by The Pioneer Academy are tried and tested in all of its schools and have been recognised as being highly successful by Ofsted.  These principles underpin The Pioneer Trust Mantra which promotes success for children and guarantees improved outcomes.

  • Promoting and achieving excellence - to inspire children and adults to achieve the extraordinary in dynamic learning environments that foster the development of independent learning.  Working in partnership across The Pioneer Academy to provide innovative opportunities for staff and children to raise aspirations
  • Recognising the importance of outstanding teaching and learning - to develop leaders of learning, create the reality and sustain high quality educational experiences and raise the self- esteem of all children enabling them to contribute positively to society
  • Actively encouraging creativity and innovation - giving opportunities for risk taking and the exploration of new knowledge and concepts to grow a ‘can do’ and ‘no excuses’ learning culture
  • Consistent high standards of behaviour and attendance - role modelled by all staff to shape the ethos and values of the school, support learning and promote achievement
  • Equality and diversity - to gain mutual respect through an understanding of the key values of justice and equality
  • Safeguarding health, safety and welfare - to protect all children and adults

This will be achieved by:

  • Securing outstanding leadership at all levels within the school and across The Trust
  • Developing excellent governance and strategic planning, including legal, promotional and financial management
  • Appointing and developing highly qualified, excellent Teachers, administrative and learning support staff
  • Establishing a regular forum for children and families to discuss views with school leaders and governors, contributing to our journey to excellence
  • Learning from the best systems for self-evaluation, review and inspection to monitor and measure progress
  • Bringing school staff and partners together to learn from each other, consider innovative practice and inspire future developments


Our Mantra - P RACES

Positivity - Staff have a responsibility to be positive in their relationships with pupils and supportive of each other.

Rigour - We have a responsibility to ensure every moment a child is in our school will be spent productively. Through thorough use of evidence we will enable all children to make excellent progress.

Aspiration - Our motto is “Safe - Happy - Learning.” All members of staff aim to promote an extraordinary school day to develop independence and creativity.

Commitment - We put children first.

Energy - Staff are prepared to go the extra mile to provide the best possible education for their pupils .Our aim should always be to provide for the pupils of our school what we would want for our own children.

Standards - We will maintain a relentless focus on raising standards of achievement so that all pupils have opportunities to achieve their full potential. We expect all staff to maintain the highest professional standards at all times.

The Caring Cup

The cup is awarded each week by the teachers, to one child in both Key Stage 1 and 2, who have displayed a particular caring and sympathetic attitude towards their classmates, their work, their teacher or their appearance. Well done to all the well-deserved Caring Cup winners.

The Effort and Achievement Cup

The cup is awarded each half term by the teachers to one child who has demonstrated significant effort and achievement. We have a cup for Key Stage 1, one for Year 3 & 4, and one for Year 5 & 6. Each half term the teachers from alternate year groups decide who will receive the cup and it is then presented to children in our Celebration Assembly. Well done to all the Effort and Achievement Cup winners. 

Celebration Assemblies

Celebration assemblies are held each week and it is at these assemblies that children are presented with the Caring Cup and the Effort and Achievement Cup. These are enjoyable assemblies which the children really look forward to because they have the opportunity to share their work or particular success of the week.

Our Red Hill Stars and Red Hill Badges, for Year 6, are presented during whole school assembly by either the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher

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