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Welcome to Year 3 - For Website

Welcome to Year 3's webpage. On this page you will find out all about what we are learning, snap shots of us at work and information about our curriculum. Please scroll down for useful documents and a half termly update of our learning.


Our Year 3 team is:

Class 3SA - Miss Shepherd and Mrs Allen

Class 3V - Miss Voda

Class 3JB - Miss Budden

Class 3H - Miss Hennessy

Our Teaching Assistants that support our year group is Miss Robotham and Mrs Dhother.



Key documents

Resources for learning at home

We are no longer updating these resources weekly for home learning as we are now creating fortnightly projects - please see the Year 3 Home Learning page for details of these projects. However, you may still wish to view these resources and use them to support your home learning. 

Below are some of the answers to the home learning packs:

We appreciate that this is a dfficult time and that whilst some of you are enoying the online homework, for some of you it isn't quite right. So as an alternative we have collected some other ideas which you may find useful. Please take a look and remember to check the other home learning pages for subject specific ideas. 

Year 3 Curriculum Targets

Year 3 IPC Topics overview

Term Topic
Autumn 1 Footprints in the past
Autumn 2 Living together
Spring 1 Rainforests
Spring 2 Rainforests (Saving the forests)
Summer 1 Temples, tombs and treasures
Summer 2 Different places, Similar lives


Homework at Red Hill Primary school has now changed. We now expect children to complete three pieces of online homework on MyMaths, Bug Club and Times Table Rockstars. This is alongside reading with a parent/carer three times a week. Class teachers will check that children have logged onto these websites on a Wednesday. If there are any problems accessing the sites please let your Class teacher know and there is an opportunity to use the computers in the ICT suite for Homework on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Spring 1

For the next term we will be studying the topic of 'Saving the World' - as this topic covers two half terms we will be focusing on our knowledge and understanding of the rainforest.


We have began our topic by turning our classroom into a rainforest! We tried our hand at some origami skills, take a look:


Autumn 2

Autumn 2 has been jam packed and we have done so much learning for our Topic of 'Living Together'!

  • We have travelled to the Earth and back in our story of 'Moon Man', learning about the different perspectives of people from different places. Through this we have developed our empathy and drama skills by acting out the story and creating news reports on the crash landing!
  • We have learnt all about Forces and Magnets in Science - testing the friction of different surfaces on toy car tyres and testing magnetic materials.
  • We have tried incredibly hard at developing our understanding and reasoning of division and multiplication and learning how to use the inverse to check our calculations.
  • In topic, we have really explored the local area by identifying human and physical features, naming and locating key landmarks and creating our own building from Chislehurst highstreet in DT. We were lucky enough to be able to show these off in the dining hall for the parents - we hope you enjoyed our buildings!
  • In RE, we have been learning about the gift of giving and a local priest/musician shared with us his wonderful music and messages.

In addition, in between Christmas activities, we have been learning common phrases in French and we even managed to squeeze in an extraordinary assembly about the celebration of Diwali! 

Below are just a few pictures to show how busy we have been this half term!

We hope you have a good Christmas break and come back refreshed in 2020!

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 has been an amazing start to the academic year and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our Topic of 'Footprints in the past'!

  • We have explored the fossil curiosities with Mary Anning in English and discovered some interesting facts about the Stone age. We have been so inspired by these stories that our writing has been very descriptive - our teachers are very impressed.
  • We have learnt all about rocks and soils in Science; identifying them, categorising them and testing them for properties and permeability.
  • We have become superstar Mathematicians by practising our place value and number and learning new methods to add and subtract 3-digit numbers.
  • And we have become expert paleontologists in Topic - we have had the opportunity to meet Chris (a real paleontologist) who showed us a variety of fossils and the different types of dinosaurs. He even let us stroke Millie the dinosaur! We think that she was very impressed with our costumes and our gingerbread biscuits.

On top of all of this, we have been learning about Jesus in RE, the alphabet and letters in French, beat and rhytm in Music and we even managed to fit in a visit to learn a little about Diwali and how it is celebrated.  Below are just a few pictures to show how busy we have been in our Footprints from the Past topic.

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