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Welcome to Year 3


Welcome to Year 3's webpage. On this page you will find out all about what we are learning, snap shots of us at work and information about our curriculum.

Our Year 3 team is:

Class 3SA - Miss Shepherd and Mrs Allen

Class 3B - Mrs Bayati

Class 3JB - Miss Budden

Class 3H - Miss Hennessy

Our Teaching assistant that supports our year group is Mrs Toomey.

Summer 1


This term we are studying Ancient Egypt. In our topic work, we will look at how the Ancient Egyptians started their civilization and used the resources of the River Nile to build their Empire. We will look at pyramid building and mummification including the use of canopic jars. We will see how historians know about Ancient Egyptian life through the amazing discoveries made by archaeologists, especially those of Howard Carter.

We will be visiting the British Museum (Summer 2) where the children will be able to see first- hand the areas which they have been learning about in class. They will also have the opportunity to explore and raise questions of their own, engaging in research.

Spring - Saving the World


Our topic this term is Saving the World. 

We will be focussing on the Rainforest.

Rainforests once covered 14% of our world’s surface. Now they cover less than 5%. Every second, an area of the rainforest the size of a football field is being destroyed. Some scientists believe that, if we lose our rainforests, we might put our whole planet at risk.

What will we do to help save the rainforest?

Autumn 2 - Living Together

Our topic this term is Living Together. 

We will be focussing on the importance of community; locally and in the wider world.

We willl learn how we all belong to different communities – friends, families, sports teams, activity groups and many more. The one thing every community has in common is people. Through this topic we will be learning how to support, respect and work with other people, especially if we hope to become more valuable contributors to the communities that we are a part of.

Autumn 2 Living Together - Home Learning

Do you recognise any of these Chislehurst landmarks?

Do you recognise any famous people who are from Chislehurst of the London Borough of Bromley?

Autumn 1 -Our Special Dinosaur Day

At the end of our Dinosaur Topic, Dinogirl Kay from the Travelling Natural History came to visit us.

We had a fun packed day full of different activities:

  • We were palaeontologists using tools to discover fossils.
  • We made our own fossil art work using cotton buds.
  • We even walked on dinosaur stilts!

Dinogirl Kay showed us all her fantastic models, she taught us so much, we're still amazed by all the facts we learnt.

Class 3LT - Autumn Term

3LT Winter display

In 3LT, we have painted our own winter scenes taking inspiration from our class text - The Ice Palace by Robert Swindells.  We looked at winter paintings by Kandinsky and Monet and tried to recreate similar winter colours by mixing paint.


In Year 3 spellings are sent home on a Friday and tested on a Monday.

Homework books are sent home on Monday and must be returned to school on Thursday.

Weekly Spellings

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