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Welcome to the Year 6 page!

Our phase leader is Mr Ferguson.

Class teachers are:

6F - Mr Ferguson

6L - Miss Long

6S - Mr Sargent

6W - Mrs Wright


Our teaching assistants are:

Mrs Bussy

Mrs Fuller



SATs Week

Monday 13 May 2019
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling

Tuesday 14 May 2019
English reading

Wednesday 15 May 2019
Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Thursday 16 May 2019
Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning



Year 6 Curriculum Map

 School Curriculum Maps are working documents that can be updated based on term lengths and coverage within each year group. 
These documents are subject to change. 

Future Architects?

Year 6 became 1940s architects for the day, where they designed their own shelters using ideas and features from the World War Two Anderson and Morrison Shelters. After sketching their plans, the children went on to create and build them.

Here are some of the shelters they built!

Music To Our Ears!

This half term Year 6 have be composing music based on World War Two examples.

We are so proud of our developing musicians!








Arguments in English?!

This week across Year 6 in English, we have been writing our own balanced arguments. We started off the week by developing our knowledge of clauses in sentences through games! Yes that's right, educational games! Later in the week, Year 6 have developed their own balanced arguments on the following topics:

Should homework be banned?

Should all children when they turn 11 be sent away to military school?

Was it right to evacuate children in World War Two?



Year 6 travel back in time to 1939!

This term, Year 6 will looking at the topic of "Time Tunnel" which focuses around World War Two. Throughout the term the children will study Michelle Magorian's "Goodnight Mister Tom". The teachers have been working hard over Christmas to provide the children with exciting and inviting classrooms. Take a look at some of the displays!


Don't be hasty - follow Road Safety

Year 6 were priviledged this week to have a vistor from Bromley council, to demonstrate the importance of road safety.

As some of Year 6 will start to get to school independently, they have been taught the vital rules for being a safe pedestrian. These are:





Inter-community competition!

Year 6 have been competing in an inter-community competition this week. The challenge was to find products of numbers while reaching a target goal. The children had great fun throughout the lesson and the points will be announced in assembly. The houses are as follows:








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