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Year 6 Prom 2019

Year 6 Curriculum Map

 School Curriculum Maps are working documents that can be updated based on term lengths and coverage within each year group. 
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Isle of Wight Extravaganza - 2019

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Day One

Year 6 have had an amazing start to the trip. We FINALLY have WiFI.

The children have had the opportunity during the day to see either: the beach or a local glass blowing workshop.

This evening after dinner, the children made a visit to either: the local beach or a glass blowing workshop.

Everyone has settled in well. Good night from Mr Sargent and the Red Hill staff.

Day Two

The adventures are in full flow! What a day we have had!

From a sweet making demo where 2000 sweets were handed to the pupils (throughout the week), to an incredible walk through the forest with a park ranger. The children have learnt everything there is to know how the Isle of Wight was used as a fort and the impact that this has on the beaches today.

All topped of with a whole year group trip to the beach. Teachers have been buried, games of cricket led to fantastic catches and ending with learning how cold the sea actually was!

That's not including the food! We must thank all of the hotel staff for our outstanding breakfast (fully cooked meal and cereals) and the fish and chips was devine! 


Day Three

Red Hill took over a bowling alley!

It is plain for everyone to see today, Mr Sargent cannot bowl at all! It was wonderful seeing the groups supporting him and giving him tips (however they were all unsuccessful). 

Our children learnt about glass blowing and the intense skill that is required to create such wonderful ornaments. 

We have learnt why vultures are so important to the world and the impact their killing is causing across the world. The children loved Ringo the Vulture jumping on their tables. 

The girls were delighted by the invention of Miss Long's Hair Salon; she has braided up to 200 hair styles in the last few days which led to Mr Ferguson having his hair braided (Thank you girls) 


Day Four

Robin Hill Country Park is the perfect place for a school group to visit and we were blessed with the most gorgeous weather too! 

There were so many treasure to explore from rides to falcony, and tree top adventure parks where the children had the times of their lives - particularly when the teachers joined in. 

It was incredible that the only injuries and first aid administered was for staff too - I'll leave it up to your imagination which ones they were...

Mrs Wright continued to be the only person on the trip who has been sunburnt but her group remain excellent at reminding her when to apply her lotion!

Disco in full swing!

Good evening everyone! The disco is currently in full swing! The children are buzzing and "Uptown Funk" is blaring around the hotel! They look absolutely incredible and it is amazing that they have this much energy left! In all honesty, I am not sure the children want to return to sunny Chislehurst. They have made so many incredible memories on this trip, which is a credit to the young mature people that we have in this year group.

Thank you to all the staff who have worked their absolute socks off (24/7 all week). I'm sure tomorrow we will see some budding golf skills on the mini golf course as well (it won't be the staff)! 

Hope you have all had a fantastic week and are ready for our return tomorrow. As you can see Mrs Bussy is having the time of her life!

Now I too am going to join the children on the dance floor to paint some shapes into the night!

Happy Birthday Tilly from Red Hill Primary School

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