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New Topic - WWII

We have now started our new learning based around WWII.  After discussing what we already knew about WWII, we looked more closely at the countries involved and which countries created a pact with one another.  We found out that many countries didn’t want a war after losing so many people during WWI.  To stop this, there was a Policy for Appeasement, however this was broken by Hitler when he took his troops where he shouldn’t.  Having discovered it was not just England and Germany involved, we researched using IPADs and books, which other leaders were involved by creating fact files on them.  When they were finished, we displayed them in class for everyone to learn about each leader involved in WWII.​

Year 6 have been continuing their learning on WWII and are having a fantastic time researching weapons used and the speeches that were given to declare war.

Our English has also been closely linked whilst reading our class book - Goodnight Mister Tom.  Our balanced arguments, linked to life during the war and evacuees, were amazing!  We helped Tom, the main character, to decide whether to continue to become attached to his evacuee, William, or not.​

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