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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5's webpage. On this page you will find out all about what we are learning, snap shots of us at work and information about our curriculum.

Our Year 5 team is;

5F Mr Fricker

5W Miss Winch

5P Mr Polidoro

5K Mr Khambati

Our teaching assistant that supports our year group is Mrs Pocock.

Year 5 Homework

Year 5 curriculum and letters

Our topic - The Great, The Bold and The Brave

In our International Primary Curriculum Topic The Great, The Bold and The Brave, we studied Ancient Greek Poetry and then designed and made our own.We evaluated the final product against our design criteria. See pictures below of Greek Pots made by the children.


Year 5 were lucky enough to have The Young Shakespeare Company visit to perform macbeth. This was an exciting day as the children took part in the production itself! Children learnt about the different characters and their grizzly demise at the hands of the wicked witches.

Tree Planting

As part of our Science topic Year 5 took an afternoon to improve the school site by planting 30 trees around the Forest School area and the along the school fence.  Tree species included birch, oak and elm trees.  We had to ensure the trees were securely planted in the ground and protected with a plastic tube.  In years to come they will provide shade to the children on the field and the children will be able to visit the school in the future and know they planted the trees around the perimeter.

Bulb Planting

Red Hill were recently invited by the Co-Op on Belmont Lane to improve the local area by planting a variety of bulbs.  12 children visited and had an enjoyable morning – although they did get very wet!  The Co-Op provided goody bags for all the children including chocolate!

Mission to Mars

Monday was astronaut training day in Year 5, we completed a physical training session where we ran a mile, core strength exercises and an obstacle course. In class we investigated: what food tasted like in space, where we tasted food on our tongue, how to complete delicate mechanical operations wearing space suits and what soils were needed to grow tomato crops.  

Mr Looker's Maths Lesson

In mathematics this week we have been identifying 3D shapes from 2D representations. 

Tyler's group were looking at 3D shapes and their shape faces to see if they could create a chain where each shape in order can be linked by their shape faces.

Wessel's group were looking for patterns within the properties of prisms.  The children created a table to record the number of edges, faces and vertices for different prisms including a triangular prism, cuboid, pentagonal prism and hexagonal prism.  We then looked for patterns within the tables.  Furthermore, we then investigated and discovered algebraic rules for the nth term.  Some of the children were able to record these and calculate the number of edges, vertices and faces for the 5000th prism.  Can you use Wessel's table to calculate the algebraic rule?  All answers to Mr Looker

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