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Our School

"Building bright futures"

We strongly believe everyone should show respect for each other and value the contribution we all make. We celebrate individual efforts and achievements both in and out of school.  We promote self-discipline, good manners and co-operation between each other and with staff.

The School Day


We like our children to get the best start to the day possible and ask that parents ensure that children arrive at school promptly. Gates open for our soft start to the school day from 8.30am. Start times for year groups are listed below. Should a child arrive at school after their start time then they will need to follow the path to the office along with their parent and register with the staff on duty. Parents are asked to ensure that children are collected on time from school at the end of the school day to avoid any undue distress.

 EYFS and Key Stage 1  Key Stage 2
8:30am - arrival for soft start - children can enter their classrooms from this time. 8:30am - arrival for soft start - children can enter their classrooms from this time.
8:40am - start school day 8:45am - start of school day 

11.30am=12.30pm - EYFS lunchbreak

12:00pm - 1:00 pm - Years 1 and 2 lunch break

12:10 noon - 1:10 pm - lunch break
3:10pm - end of school

3:15pm - end of school

The compulsory timings of the school week are 32.5 hours.

Our Community

We feel that education is a partnership between school and home with the child being at the centre.  We strive to build good relationships with all our parents and carers and have a "Friends of Red Hill" organisation which works with the school to strengthen this ethos and raise money.

We also foster strong links with the local community through organisations such as the Rotary Club and The Chislehurst Society.  We maintain close links with the pre-schools in our local area and are also involved in a number of projects with the local secondary schools.

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