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Admissions are co-ordinated through the London Borough of Bromley -


If you have any queries you can contact: The Bromley Admissions Team on 020 8313 4044 or email them - primary.admissions@bromley.gov.uk

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan, you must not apply through this admissions process. You will need to speak to your SEN caseworker at the council  on 020 8313 4739 for advice on how to apply for primary, infant or junior schools.

Please click on the link for the London Borough of Bromley website

In year admissions

In year admissions are also co-ordinated through the London Borough of Bromley - please click here for further information

Mead Road Infant School - transferring to year 3 at Red Hill

Parents and carers of children who are in year 2 at Mead Road will apply directly to Red Hill for a place in year 3. Application details have been sent in a letter to all children in year 2 at Mead Road.


You are able to appeal against the decision to not offer your child a place at Red Hill Primary School.

There are three grounds on which appeal at Red Hill Primary School may be considered. You will need to evidence the grounds you believe applies in your case on the appeal form (found here) and return to the school.

Reasons for appeal are as follows:

a) That the admission of my child would not breach the Infant class size limit.

b) That a place would have been offered if the admission arrangements had complied with admissions law or had been correctly and impartially applied. For your appeal to succeed on this ground, you will have to show that the normal admission arrangements were not properly followed and if they had, your child would have been offered a place.

c) That the decision not to admit your child was not one which a reasonable Admission Authority would make in the circumstances of the case.

Further information about school appeals can be found here - https://www.redhill.bromley.sch.uk/bromley/primary/redhill/staging/pages/letterspolicies/policies?designMode=true

Further information about appeals from the Department of Education can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/admission-appeals-for-school-places/advice-for-parents-and-guardians-on-school-admission-appeals

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