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Sports Grant

Our year 5 and 6 boys and girls competing at a Tag Rugby Festival at Edgebury Primary School February 2016

Sports Premium 2015-16 and 2016-17 Statement

Sports Premium Statement (Academic Year September 2014 – August 2015)

We have entered the second year of the Government’s Sports Premium Grant. It is intended to raise the profile of sports and healthy lifestyles for pupils creating a legacy in schools.  As you may be aware, Schools must spend the funding to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils, but they are free to choose the best of way using of the money. The two main points to be covered are:

Underpinning all of this is the issue of sustainability. Anything put in place must have an impact that can be built upon. The measures put in place help us to raise the standard of PE by upskilling the staff, whilst the extra-curricular clubs that are run by outside agencies are generating funds which can be used to help continue the improvement. 

  • Improve the quality of PE taught
  • Increase the amount of involvement in Sport 

A pdf version of this table can be found below:

Expected Outcome Sources of Evidence what will funding be used for? How much funding will be used? what impact is this having or will this have? How will this be sustained?
To further increase the number of children participating in extra-curricular sports by 100% Audit of ectra curricular clubs Buying in organisations to provide extra-curricular clubs. Subsidising places at these clubs      
To improve the quality of teaching, so that 100% lessons are declared as good or better. Staff self evaluation pupil voice lesson observers

CPD to train teachers.

Coaches to work alongside teachers in PE lessons.

Inset to introduce New schemes of work to support effective planning

Buy new/replace old equipment to facilitate effective lessons

CPD Package £960

Extra in school sessions £1000

Coaches £3000

As part of last year’s cost of £2500


Staff self-audit reporting improved confidence.

In observations quality of PE lessons to be judged good or better.

PE lesson plans to show progression of skills and challenge.

Correct equipment used in lessons.

CPD funded from school budget.

Upskilled staff to share expertise with colleagues.

Plans to be kept for future years.

Rolling programme of purchases to prevent large bills. School budget to cover this.

To increase the number of opportunities for children to participate in inter school competitive sports by 200% School diary discussion with staff running sports clubs

Buying into school games organiser’s package.



More events being entered with more children taking part. The aim is that every child attending an extra-curricular club has an opportunity to enter a competitive event.

School budget to cover this.
    Additional events organised for home and away fixtures.      
    Cover provided to allow attendance at school-time competitions. £250   As necessary this can be funded from the fees that these externally provided clubs pay into the school.
    Additional Payments for external coaches to run competitions for their club. £200    
To increase opportunities for Intra-school competition by 100% Sports day spring sports cup Continue purchase of new kits to foster sense of pride in representing the school. £500 All children in the school will have opportunities to represent House teams in competition As above for kit except there will be a rolling programme of replacements hopefully avoiding large payments.
To increase opportunities for children to develop coaching and organisation skills.   Develop a Sports Team of children to suggest additional Intra-School events and aid in running and organising the same. £300 for equipment Children will have opportunities to have input into own planning of sports participation. Money will be from school budget and supported by money raised by letting from sports clubs.